What is IHCWAY?

With IHCWAY, lessons are conducted with the following guidelines

The benefits that this method offers are obvious. Both you and your students will feel more comfortable in the cozy atmosphere of a cafe, sipping your favorite beverage. There is no such a thing as "routine". Every day, every student you meet will be a new experience for you.

(1)2000yen/hour x many dedicated/pre-screened students = more lessons, a higher income, and satisfied teachers.→IHCWAY
(2)expensive lesson fees x few unscreened students = less lessons, a lower income, and unsatisfied teachers.
which one would you choose?

Lesson Fees:

+Rates fixed
+Students to pay additionally for your transportation and a drink at the cafe
+Our service is absolutely FREE for teachers; we run only on reasonable priced membership fees from students. (Teachers can get 100% of the lesson fee, and get paid the full lesson fee even for a late cancellation)

Lesson Fees
Lesson types 1 Hour 90 Minutes 2 Hours
Private ¥2,000 ¥3,000 ¥4,000

Lesson Location:

Coffee Shops, Cafes, Restaurants or any comfortable public location of your choice (students to pay for additional beverage costs incurred)


Scheduling is entirely up to you!
You will provide us with your availability, and we will match you with students. You can also put a limit to the number of students you would like to have. You can start with one student, or teach as many students as you would like!