Teaching English in Tokyo - Apply to IHCWAY

To help create an optimal learning environment for our students, we ask our teachers to be responsible and punctual, neat with proper appearance, and have a positive attitude.

1. We only accept proper visa (i.e. working holiday visa, spouse visa, dependent visa, student visa , permanent visa and working visa) holders. Tourists cannot apply.
2. Applicant must currently reside in Japan to apply.
3. Exchange students, Bilingual & returnee students are also welcome.
4. Applicant must have a college or university degree, or be currently enrolled in university or college.
5. Inexperienced persons welcome as we have an orientation for our teaching method.
6. Teachers who can work for long term contract preferable(at shortest for 6months)
7. Japanese speaking ability not required

Pre-application form
This is just a pre-application form and it doesn't mean you can be our teacher just after sending it. Due to the many applications that we receive, we will reply you by e-mail only if we would like to have a job interview with you. IHCWAY will not disclose your personal information to third parties.

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For the applicant who would like to be an online one-on-one lesson teacher (option)
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