In addition to the Tokyo area, we are also looking for teachers in big cities like Nagoya, Kyoto etc. You can teach in coffee shops or online.
For more details, please see "How to become an IHCWAY teacher".


We find good students, You provide good education. Teach at a location convenient for you!
Choose your own schedule! Receive cash payment immediately after each lesson.

IHCWAY needs more native English speakers and bilingual speakers who can give face-to-face English lessons in capital areas like Tokyo,Yokohama,Kanagawa,Chiba and Saitama.
1 on 1 lessons at locations and times convenient for you.
Also, IHCWAY is looking for the teachers who can teach online,using Skype.
For the online lesson, native English speakers with British,American,Canadian,Australian etc nationalities living in any location in Japan and all over the world are welcome.
French teachers and German teachers are also needed.

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