Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about the recruitment of IHCWAY English teachers and other foreign language teachers.Answers for the FAQ regarding our one on one lessons,lesson fee etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this system work?

IHCWAY is a matching service for foreign language instructors and students. Teachers can register for FREE; we run only on membership fees from students. You are required to have a proper Visa for working in Japan. What is IHCWAY

2. How much does it cost?

Our service is absolutely FREE for teachers.

3. How do I get paid?

You receive 100% of what students pay for your lesson. You will get paid cash after each lesson directly from the students. Lessons

4. Where can I teach?

Mainly at coffee shops. There may be some exceptions like teaching at your home if you teach students of the same gender (eg. female to female). Lessons

5. How do I contact students?

Students who had been screened by interview will contact you directly, or IHCWAY staff will introduce students to you. Becoming an IHCWAY Teacher

6. If I don't live in Japan or the Kanto area, can I still register?

Applicant must currently reside in Japan to apply. Please apply when you come to Japan or Kanto ( Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa) area.

7. What if I don't speak any Japanese?

As an English teacher,Japanese language skills are not required.
But if you are the teacher for other languages,either fluent English or Japanese conversational ability is required.

8. Can I get a visa from IHCWAY?

We would be your consigner, so we cannot sponsor a working visa.

9. How flexible can my schedule be?

You can choose your availability and we will match students with similar time preferences.

10. If my contact information changes, what should I do?

Please inform your students and the IHCWAY office immediately.

11. Do we pay for transportation or drinks?

Transportation costs and drinks are paid for by students.

12. What if I have trouble/a problem with a student?

We interview each student to ensure a safe, problem-free teaching experience for you. On average, we accept about 90% of new student applications. However, in the event that you do have any problems, it is very important that you try your best to behave responsibly, and please inform the IHCWAY office as soon as possible.

13. What should I do if I have to leave Japan suddenly?

Please inform the IHCWAY office immediately, before informing your students. Otherwise it may create problems.

14. Does IHCWAY need my private information?

Applicants must submit their specific personal information profile. We will not share your information with anyone.

15. How long will it take to start teaching?

It may take from as little as 1 day to up to a few weeks depending on conditions like location and availability.

16. I'm a non-native speaker, can I still teach?

Non-native speakers can also register if IHCWAY assesses that your English fluency is excellent.

17. May I leave Japan temporarily?

People who travel often for long periods of time cannot register at our school. If you plan to leave for any holidays, please inform us at least a month in advance.

18. How am I evaluated?

We often receive teacher evaluations from students. Therefore any lateness, cancellation, or other negligence will not be tolerated. Teachers with the following will be given preference in assigning students: a sense of responsibility, flexibility, a positive attitude, punctuality, a desire to improve lesson quality, general neatness and professional appearance, a good teaching attitude and a co-operative attitude with IHCWAY staff.

19. When a student contacts me for the first time, how should I answer?

To make students comfortable please be friendly and positive so that you can make a good impression. Ask their full name and phone number precisely and make an appointment on that call. You should not just tell them to "please email me later!". You may miss an opportunity to get a new student.

20. How much do students pay for the lessons?

The tuition is fixed at 2000yen/hour. You will receive direct payment from your students after each lesson.
IHCWAY Lessons

21. When can I start teaching?

You can start right away after you are contacted by the student.

22. How should I schedule lessons with students?

You make appointments directly with your students. We will introduce students whose availability fits with yours.

23. What's required to work at IHCWAY?

You need a proper Visa to work in Japan. All IHCWAY teachers must have a college or university degree, or be currently enrolled in university or college. If you have a student or dependent visa, you should get the working permit (Shikakugai Katsudou Kyokasho) in advance.

24. About tax

Consignees should declare taxes to the public office independently.

25. Should I wear a suit while giving lessons?

IHCWAY doesn’t have a formal dress code.